Friday, August 17, 2012

Helene is Named...Issac Next Up...

The way NHC names storms so quickly now, we could blaze past 20 named storms this year!  Hurricane Hunters found a closed circulation this afternoon with marginal winds down in the Bay of Campeche, but NHC is quick to pull the trigger for the sake of "accuracy/technology".  Satellite loops tonight show most of the circulation over land. Helene should not last but a day or two.  Computer models are picking up on the system out in the Atlantic and they make it a hurricane over time (4-6 days).  Right now it's way too soon to know which way it'll go(up east coast or west towards Gulf). Stay tuned.

The upper pattern sure looks like the east coast trough will be deep enough to drive an unusual August cool front thru late Sunday or early Monday.  That would bring drier air resulting in cooler nighttime temps.

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