Monday, September 10, 2012

FOX 8 Welcomes Katie Couric...

Yea I know Katie is not about weather, but the debut of her show on FOX 8 just happened to fall on the same day as my 4th colonoscopy.(that's why I'm off today)  I say that because it was Katie getting her 1st colonoscopy after the death of her young (42) husband Jay to colon cancer that inspired me to get my 1st at age 50.  The prep is the hard part, the actual procedure is painless and only 15-20 minutes.  The upside is it could save your life as once symptoms develop, it's usually too late.  Thank you Katie for giving me piece of mind.

2 weeks ago Hurricane Isaac was battering us with Cat. 1 winds and a 14' (Cat. 2-3) storm surge. The blame game has started with NHC stating they predicted in advance 8-12' (not too far off) but places that never got water (LaPlace) or got more water from Isaac than Katrina (Plaquemines Parish, MS. Coast) are wondering if the new structures the Corps of Engineers built funneled more water to them?  Frankly(My opinion), I flew over the new levee system for our annual hurricane special back in 2010.  What I noticed was the levees were 1) built higher, wider & stronger and 2) they were being extended westward into St. Charles Parish to protect that Parish and 3) the Huge wall at the "funnel" of the MRGO & Inter. Harbor Nav. Canal would channel water somewhere else.  That somewhere else turned out to be Braithwaite and the Mississippi Coast, Lake Pontchartrain and eventually St. John Parish and then, with the wind shift, the North Shore (Mandeville to Slidell).  The Corps can say their models show little change in surge to those areas, but who will believe that?  Personally I think it was a combination of the new structures PLUS the angle and speed that Isaac approached our coast.

Instead of blaming, let's try to get together and develop solutions that will protect (Barrier at the Rigolets & Chef Pass) those areas that shouldn't flood repeatly and/or buy out those folks affected by repeated flooding.  Can we make everyone happy?  Probably not.  But let's get started now and not wait until the next strong storm comes.

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