Sunday, September 2, 2012

No tropical Threats...More River Flooding

As I sit recovering from Isaac, I think back on what I might have done different to get more people to leave, especially those that saw water for the 1st time (LaPlace) or higher water levels than in Katrina. What I've learned is the "angle of attack" is more important that previously thought.  Yea, Gustav's track was similar but his was 30-40 miles farther to the west.  Next time a storm comes from that direction, be assured the little fella will remind you all of Isaac.   The other thing that comes to mind is,  I repeated many times..."don't tell me you didn't know it would be that bad."   I know the attitude was..." it's just a tropical storm, it's just a Cat. 1".   Let's all of us remember each storm is different in terms of track & intensity.  Hopefully, we won't have to deal with anymore threats this season?  We know where our most vulnerable spots/locations are regarding storm surge & flooding.  Let's not stay next time and believe..."oh it's just a Cat. 1.,

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