Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Oscar in Gulf? Nah...

We remain in the heart of Hurricane Season and Nadine is looking more like a Hurricane, but she's way out in the Atlantic & will curve away from the U.S.  Focusing closer to home, NHC mentioned in their discussion tonight about an area of low pressure over the Keys & South Fl. that ..."has a low chance...near zero percent...of becoming a tropical cyclone..." as it drifts westward into the Gulf.   Hummm...should we be concerned?   Not yet, but if it keeps moving to the west, that motion takes it over the loop current, the warmest oceanic heat content waters in the Gulf.   In addition, an upper low currently producing westerly wind shear will lift out leaving the potential for development over the southern Gulf.  The good news...a strong cold front will be approaching from the NW.  It should help steer any system away from us to our east.  Way too soon to get nervous, but I wanted to alert you to forget about Nadine and stay focused on the weak low over south Fl.   Will know more tomorrow.   Stay tuned!

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