Thursday, November 1, 2012

Another East Coast Storm Next Week?

It seems Mother Nature often likes to repeat herself.  I recall back in 1967 Chicago was burried under 20-25" of snow that shut down the city.  The following weekend another snowstorm hit dumping 10-12".  In more recent times, Tropical Storm Isadore was followed shortly by Hurricane Lili.   Hurricane Katrina was followed 3 weeks later by Hurricane Rita.  Now it appears that another east coast storm is likely next week (Tues-Wed) following Hurricane Sandy.   Seeing the sad pictures of destruction all along the Jersey Shore tonight makes me leery that they don't need another big storm while many are still without power.  It's like the bully that 1st knocks you down and then kicks sand in your face.  Pay attention if your travel plans include the east coast for early next week.  Another Nor'Easter/Snowstorm may be coming?  Stay tuned!

Locally, Summer-like temps(85-88) are coming back for the next couple of days.  A cold front will arrive by Sunday PM with a few showers.  A stronger push of cold air will arrive late Monday night.  Not sure we'll see much rain, but we've been dry at FOX 8 for 13 straight days.  We need some rain.

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