Monday, February 25, 2013

Hail 2 Days in a Row...

It's unusual that we see large hail (golf ball size & larger) here since the hail stones mostly melt by the time they hit the ground.  But last night we had a really drustive hail storm with stones bigger than golf balls breaking car windows & denting hundreds, if not thousands of vehicles on the West bank.   Today we again had more hail storms with golf ball size being reported around Gonzales this PM along with marble size near Covington.  What's up?   Well, we have a cold pool aloft around a well defined upper low that is moving much lower in latitude than the past storms.  Couple in Gulf Moisture with a strong sub-tropicaljet stream and buda boom, numerous hail cores.   We're gonna finally get a break from this wet pattern as it will be replaced by a depening upper East Coast.   I warned you that Winter wasn't over and later this week you'll see what I mean as freezing temps may even reach the S-Shore by this weekend.  Stay tuned!

Visited my Mom near Chicago this weekend as she broke her hip 4 weeks ago and is struggling to walk again.  Her quality of life is very limited.  It's sad to watch the aging process as I know what's coming down the road.  Enjoy health while you have it!

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