Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meteorological Winter Ends...Or Does It?

Yep, the 3 coldest months historically (Dec, Jan, Feb) called Meteorological Winter end tomorrow.  However, the coldest airmass so far this season could have us all (even the south shore) down to freezing this weekend.  With a strong upper disturbance passing thru on Saturday with clouds & a slim chance for a few sprinkles or some sleet (ice pellets), highs may stay in the 40s after being near 70 today.  You may need to protect your plants Sunday & Monday mornings. A brief warm up starts on Monday into Tuesday before more chill comes for Wednesday.  Don't put away your sweaters, jackets & heavy coats as you'll need them this weekend. 

FYI...tomorrow is day 28 (15 to go) of my radiation treatments.  I am NOT doing chemo as several Facebook folks have asked.  Thanks for all the prayers & concern.


Kerry Clem said...

From one survivor to another, keep it up, Bob!

Robear said...

Are you feeling any affects of that treatment, Bob...???