Thursday, November 6, 2014

Terrific Weekend Coming...

Compared to the folks up north, we will enjoy a great weekend…IF you are dressed for it.   I’m not talking about the heavy coats, gloves & scarves.  Nope, just some basic outer wear like sweaters & jackets.   Nights will be chilly (40s) with the days comfy cool (60s).  We will see a warm up for Monday & Tuesday, but as I mentioned yesterday, next week will see an early season “Arctic Blast” that will bring record cold air into the lower 48, including SE LA/MS.   We could threaten our record lows!   I’ve already heard it called “Polar Vortex”.   FYI…the Polar Vortex is there, has been there every year of my life…kinda like climate change.   Some folks want you to think it’s something new, has never happened before, or is happening more frequently now.   The facts say differently.   I have said before, those of us beyond 50 have lived through climate change.   We remember the brutal winters of the late 70s that made life miserable and proved deadly for many folks.   A colder climate is FAR WORSE than a warmer climate, yet that is not the message coming from the AGW crowd.   Mark my words…IF the coming Winter is like, or is worse than the winter of 76-77 or 77-78, there will be fuel shortages (heating oil, natural gas) that will have the northern folks screaming for relief.   Stay tuned!

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