Tuesday, November 4, 2014

When in Drought...leave it out!

One of my former co-workers, Jeff Baskin, had a saying regarding a long dry spell…When in Drought, leave it out!  His point was simple, once locked into a pattern, it often is difficult to break out of it.   So here I sit tonight watching all this rain falling over Texas west of Houston.  How can it miss us?   A cold front is coming, tropical moisture is flowing in from the Pacific, Gulf moisture is surging northward…but all of the computer models are showing the cold, dry air behind the front surging southward by daybreak on Thursday dissipating all the showers with the front pushing well down into the Gulf leaving us with no rain.   I hear ya Jeff…”when in drought, leave it out!”


FYI, a super typhoon in the Pacific will head into the Gulf of Alaska this weekend.  It is likely to cause a buckle in the upper steering as another Polar Vortex dips over the Great Lakes.  Look for a record breaking Arctic air mass entering the northern tier of states Monday & Tuesday.  It’s too early to see if the dip is deep enough to bring the chill down to us, but my guess is we’ll turn very cold Wed-Friday of next week.  Stay tuned!

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