Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Depression Will Be Brief

We all know the lack of sunlight causes most folks to feel depressed – sluggish – tired – Little energy.  That happened to me last week when we went 5 days without sunshine.  This week has been the opposite as today marked our 6th straight day of sunshine.  Even hit the golf ball pretty good after a 2 month medical layoff.  However, Another cloudy spell is coming, but it will only be for 2 days before we go back to an extended sunny period through the weekend into next week.   I’ve noticed the computer models having a difficult time with the timing and intensity of a well defined upper disturbance moving into west Texas.  Rain amounts keep flip-flopping between ½” to 2”+.   One thing is certain.  Our string of 6 sunny days will end and we’ll need to go back to the heavy weather gear as highs will stay in the 40s & 50s.    Boo!   The brutal Arctic chill shows no signs of coming down to us during the next 5-7 days.   There still could be a big snowstorm for the NE Friday into Saturday.   Traveling up there?  Expect delays.


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