Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Full Week of Hype...

This morning NHC cancelled the hurricane Hunter flight into what will eventually become ANA somewhere off the Carolina coast.  Recall computer models were hinting at this last Thursday, yet we still have no closed surface circulation.  Why?  Because there is a well defined UPPER low that is entraining dry air around this system plus providing high wind shear from the SW.   That shear is not allowing T-Storms to cluster around any center, but over time, the shear should lessen resulting in some type (more winter-like) of low to develop.   Is this all (hype) really necessary?   Folks get up tight enough knowing a storm threat may be coming, but to go out 5-7 days before anything forms is overkill to me.     Again, this is the era of saying “we were the first”.    I hope this is not an active season as I’m already tired of the Hurricane Season and it’s still 3 week away.


Locally, we’ll see very little change in our mostly dry weather.  As long as the low remains stalled off the East Coast,  we’ll see the storms in Texas lift up over his to our north.  There will be a pattern change that will make us wetter next week.

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hventura said...

Agree. Too much hype!!¡!!!!!!