Friday, May 1, 2015

Let the Hype Begin...

Yikes!  One month until the 2015 Hurricane Season begins and folks are already going nuts because the GFS & European models indicate a storm could form east of Florida…A week from now.   My purpose has always been to PREPARE, but NOT to SCARE you unless warranted.  In this internet/digital/social media era, where being first seems more important than being RIGHT, The Weather Channel spent much of the day discussing this remote possibility.   Why?   So they can say…”We were the first to let you know”.    So what?   Don’t they know the anxiety many folks have every Hurricane Season?   Why not wait a day to see if the models are really on to something, or was this just bad data in, bad data out ?    Now if tomorrow and Sunday show model CONSISTENCY, then, I might feel some confidence talking about the possibility of our 1st named storm (Ana) forming.    Regardless, it will not be a problem for the Gulf as strong westerly shear protects us.    I will try not to cry wolf during this coming Hurricane Season.   I realize the danger in issuing too many false alarms.   I will tell you when I’m nervous and you need to pay attention.   That is not the case right now.  Historically, we see an early pre-season storm once every 3 years so this would not be unusual.   Let’s not join the stampede to be first.


This weekend will not see any rain as very dry & stable air is over us and it will only slowly moisten up.  Perhaps by Tuesday we could see a few daytime heating showers, but no widespread rains are in sight.   Get out and enjoy the good feel air because it won’t last beyond Sunday morning.

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