Sunday, December 27, 2015

Weather Extremes Continue...

I was watching the sad video of this past weekend’s tornado outbreaks in the warm air sector while the cold side suffered with blizzard conditions.  Such EXTREME WEATHER conditions and they are, but that’s what’s supposed to happen during a strong El Nino event.  What wasn’t expected was the record setting warm December for much of the east & south.  We(the South) were supposed to be wet & cool.  We have been wet, but so far, not much cool.  Knowing how the weather works, I make these fairly safe “predictions”.  We will turn unusually cold for the next 2-3 months balancing out our record warmth December.  Locals will go from begging for some cold to begging for Spring to arrive.   The EXTREMES will shift to California with many storms wiping out their drought and creating flooding & many mudslides.  The Great lakes & Northeast will go into the freezer with below zero cold while there will be snow & ice storms across much of the deep South.  How can I say all that?  Because that’s how the weather has always worked.  We could go from record heat (82 today) to record cold (teens) in 2-3 weeks.   That’s what makes watching the weather so interesting.   Remember, the “normal” is created by averaging out the extremes.


We will finally see this goofy warm (I Love it!) spell leave us as the cold air will arrive in waves.  You’ll notice Monday will be 15-20 degrees colder with even colder air arriving late in the week.  I’ll be able to use the Christmas sweater & coat I received.  Hope many of you were as lucky to receive cold weather gear as presents?  Over the next several months we’ll get to put them to good use.   Our threat for severe storms overnight is more of gusty, straight line winds before the cold air arrives around 5-6 AM.    Get ready for the chill and I promise not to whine too much!

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