Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some Hokie Love

Listening to Jim Henderson and Garland on WWL Radio yesterday and hearing all the funny stories about a football player with limited physical abilities but with a heart bigger than his body, reminded me how lucky we were to have this man touch our lives.  Though I never met him, we all felt we knew him.  Hokie made listening to football fun even when our Saint’s did something stupid.  He wasn’t afraid to fail and that’s what made him so good.  If you are afraid to fail, you rarely succeed since you often don’t even try.  What made Hokie so special is how hard he tried as a player often out performing those with far greater abilities.   It reminded me of an undrafted free agent (Hokie was a 10th rounder!) who played for the Chicago Bears back in the late 60s.  Not only did this guy make the team, he became the backup running back to the great Gale Sayers.  They were roommates at a time in history where black & whites didn’t share rooms.  Brian Piccolo also died  (age 26!) of cancer and a movie (Brian’s Song)was made detailing his story .  I remember it well as it described the courage needed to fight such a battle against all odds.     Perhaps I’m dreaming, but wouldn’t it be something if Hollywood could come along an do a movie about Hokie’s life.   Call it “Some Hokie Love” as Garland described it on his program.  One of the final lines in the Brian Piccolo movie went like this…” do not remember how Brian died, but remember how he lived…and he did live!”   That’s what I’ll try to do with Hokie, remember how he lived , always grateful for making my life better on this planet.  We all need to spread “the Hokie Love”!


Our weather?  Seriously?   Not sure where to begin,  except for this past weekend, it’s mostly sucked since I retired.   All the rainy days have given me the opportunity to clean out my attics.   I didn’t know what a hoarder I was.   But I’m done with cleaning and I’m ready to golf.  However, once again the forecast calls for more rain (60-70%) chance on Thursday.   One thing I don’t miss is worrying about the threat for severe weather.  Now it’s just whether I’ll get wet on the first tee?     Such problems to have!


Stephanie Young said...

I love reading your blog daily just. Lil FYI! I miss you on my tv making me smile so I wanted to keep up with you after all you are the best! I will also miss Hokie I loved listening to him in the car and often had to pull over with excitement when he called a play! Rip Hokie #spreadhokielove

LCPatterson said...

There is great satisfaction and freedom achieved by cleaning "stuff" out :-)