Friday, September 16, 2016

Rainy Weekend...

Well the name Karl was given to TD 12 way out in the Atlantic, not to the system in the Gulf that hasn’t done much.   You can still see a swirl on radar loops south of Lake Charles tonight and there are some T-Storms farther down in the Gulf.   But pressures are not falling, winds are not increasing so NHC gives this system a near zero chance (The same as Julia) of developing.   One thing appears certain.  We are on the wet side of this disturbance and will likely see many periods of tropical downpours both Saturday & Sunday.   NWS indicates 1-3” totals will be common and I suspect 3-5” might happen over areas that see the training effect.  Finally some drier air (not cooler) arrives for Monday thru Wednesday.  There still are no signs of cooler air during the next 5-7 days so that summer feel will linger well into official Fall.  Stay tuned!

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