Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Gulf Stirs...Any Worries?

Wow…TS Julia sprung up only 12 hours after NHC said it had a near zero chance for development.  The track for her was supposed to stay inland, but tonight her center is back off the SC coast.   So do I get concerned when a flair up of clouds down over the central Gulf was given a 10% chance for development by NHC?    Not really although daylight pictures did revealed a low level cloud swirl and Water Vapor indicated an upper level outflow.  Plus, this system is forecasted to move westward over the warmest waters of the Gulf.    It should tell you, based on the time of year, that we need to pay attention as tropical systems can bubble up in less than 24 hours.   Could it come our way?  Probably not at first as it’s expected to waddle slowly to the west.   But as David explained tonight on FOX 8, IF it starts a northward movement, we could see an increase in rain chances with a heavy rain potential over the weekend.   Very warm water temps + weakening upper wind shear may allow something to develop.   Let’s keep up with the weather in the Gulf for the next several days.


After having zero storms worldwide last week, this week has gone nuts with several Hurricanes & Tropical Storms forming.   As we reach mid-September, it’s nearing the time when the Fall cool fronts begin approaching.  So far, no real cold front is in sight for the next 5-7 days.   I will begin to feel more relaxed once we get into October and the westerlies start dipping farther south.  That will turn any system coming our way to the east, but it’s still too soon for that to happen.   I’ve been looking for the “Fat Lady” to enter the arena and head for the stage, but so far she still hasn’t landed .   I so want her to get on stage to sing “Turn out the lights, the party is over”.    Stay tuned!

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