Sunday, November 13, 2016

Don't Stay Up or Get Up...

I have never been a big fan of astronomical events, whether they be comet watching, eclipses or Super Moons.    In this day & age of instant images, why stay up late or get up early when you can go to your phone to get high quality images that are way better than losing sleep?   This current “Super Moon” is supposed to be the biggest in 69 years.  So What?   Our problem tonight is cloud cover that should be gone for the morning (6:20 AM) moonset.  But why bother?  I’ll just go online to see it tomorrow.   8% bigger?  Hardly worth the effort.  If you insist, watch it tomorrow evening when there should be less cloud cover. 


It’s a little chilly out tonight but for November, certainly not brutal.   In fact, this week should be another mild spell before some real cold arrives for Thanksgiving week.   Signs still point to a pattern shift that will make December feel much colder.   Last week’s heavy rains really helped our lawns & gardens.   Too bad they weren’t more widespread over the SE where Birmingham is nearing 60 days without a drop.  Saw where NHC says a tropical system might develop in the southern Caribbean.   Named storms can form during any month of the year, but this late in the season, only the Caribbean and Central American coasts need to pay attention.   My focus now is on our 1st frost or freeze so I can protect my tropical plants.  Stay tuned!

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