Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Holidays Are Special...

As a child, I loved the holidays as they meant great meals + seeing Aunts, Uncles & cousins that we didn’t see on a weekly basis.   Coming from a Slovak (Dad’s side) & Polish (Mom’s side) background (Slo-Pole!), family time was important.   Unfortunately, my career took me far from home and usually I could only come back to visit at Christmas time.  But I still have memories of lots of turkey, dressing, my Mom’s cream beans & Grandma’s nut rolls!  Those were the days my friends when the adults were in charge and all I had to do was show up. 


Aside from that one stormy day earlier this month, the last 8 weeks have been mostly dry.   Typically in a La Nina year, the storm track favors the northern states with few, if any, Gulf Lows developing.    That is not good news for the SE states as many have gone over 2 months without any rain.   A weak front might bring a few showers here Wednesday evening, but Thanksgiving Day looks spectacular with some clouds & highs in the 70s.  After several frosty mornings on both sides of the Lake, the next 7-10 days should not see any polar outbreaks.   I’m told the recent cool down has really turned on the speckled trout bite with many boaters taking their daily limits.  I’ll be out with Capt. Hylton next week and hopefully the action will still be there.   Enjoy your Holiday, hopefully with family and like Clancy Dubos said tonight…”we have much to be thankful for.”  Stay tuned!

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