Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How Cold Will It Get?

Below zero temperatures are plunging southward out of Canada tonight with the coldest air in several weeks reminding us that we are in the heart of Winter.  The cold will come in several surges with the real chill not arriving until Friday.  The upper steering still indicates to me that the Arctic plunge will not push directly to us, with the core of the cold staying to our north & east.  However, as David mentioned tonight, we’ll get into enough of the cold to drop temperatures well below freezing on the North Shore Sat-Monday mornings & near or slightly below freezing on the South Shore.   That means it’s mainly going to be a people, pets & plant event as temps are not expected to drop cold enough to affect pipes.  So, you have 2 days to get your yard ready.  I moved some of my plants back into my shed today and will finish the job tomorrow.   We actually could use a light freeze to cut back on some of the overgrowth in our garden beds.    In addition, the freeze will knock down some of the vermin(bugs) population.     As for you snow freaks…I see some possibility for it (ice pellets-sleet) across the North Shore IF low pressure develops just offshore south of the Louisiana/MS coast on Friday.   Right now, it looks like the moisture will be gone before the air gets cold enough to produce the frozen precip.   But, as the lawyer says, stuff happens and IF Mother Nature gets all the ingredients just right…who knows?   Regardless, you’ll need the heavy weather gear for several days this weekend.  Stay tuned!

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AlbanySnowMaker said...

aww man was hoping for some white stuff... but looks like just some aggravating sleet pellets/freezing rain... oh well maybe next time... just curious Bob, what are your thoughts on this thing spinning up a lil more than anticipated in the gulf.... could it draw in the cold air quicker for a snow change-over late Friday along I-12?