Friday, January 6, 2017

Pipes OK on South Shore

As the coldest air of this Winter season arrives, many start to wonder “do I need to run the water?”   1st, the PIPE RULE states you run your water when temps drop below 28 degrees and stay there for 4 hours or longer.  That won’t happen tonight on the South Shore.  Why?  Several reasons will prevent the temps from falling that low.  1)  Cloud cover will not allow for radiational cooling.  All the cold will come from advection, but that means the winds will be brisk.  With winds flowing over the warmer waters of Lake P (currently 58 degrees), I don’t see temps falling into the 20s.  However, on Sunday morning with clear skies & lighter winds, a light freeze will be possible.  I finalized getting my yard ready today by draining my hoses and putting all my tender plants inside my back shed.  Inside I have a 100 watt light bulb that will keep temps well above freezing.  Tomorrow I’ll pick all my lemons and many of my grapefruit remaining on my trees.  If I lose any plants, it’ll only be the outer leaves and I’ll just whack them back and let them spout again in the Spring.  I agree with many of you regarding the colder weather.  It gives us an opportunity to wear our heavy coats & sweaters for a few weeks of the year and/or sit beside the fireplace and feel the warmth & the glow.   Don’t get me wrong, I HATE the cold.  However, I’ve learned how to deal with it and know it usually doesn’t last very long.   


Those of you living on the North Shore, it appears the next 2-3 nights will be FULL PRECAUTION nights.  That means you’ll need to let a trickle of water run from one or 2 of your inside faucets starting just before you go to bed.  I normally would let the drip be half & half hot & cold water.  This is not a super Arctic blast but one that will grab our attention for the next few days.  Stay tuned!

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