Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Models Still Hinting...

Today’s model runs have changed some, but most continue to hint that tropical development will start to occur over the weekend in the Western Caribbean/Yucatan/Southern Gulf region.  We still have nothing to track and probably won’t for several days as westerly wind shear covers the area that is supposed to see development.  My take?  My experience tells me the MJO often is the real reason systems develop.  When it goes into phase 2, that promotes rising air motion favoring tropical formation.   For the next 10-14 days it’s expected to be in that phase so any low pressure will have the potential to get stronger.   With that being said, there is currently no surface low pressure, and until that happens, we have zero reasons to get nervous.   If nothing comes out of this, it will be a big black eye for long range computer models which have consistently indicated some kind of formation. 


In the short term,  that good old Summer feel has become more entrenched across the Deep South.   The 7 day forecast becomes virtually useless now as every day will be hot (90+) & humid with spotty showers somewhere.  The only changes are the amount of rain coverage that vary day to day.  If you have outside plans, ALWAYS have the rain gear ready.  The FOX 8 Weather APP is a great way to keep up with precipitation & lightning alerts.  My phone will automatically tell me when danger is around my location based on my phone’s GPS system.  What a great tool.   I encourage you to have it.   


Bubba update.    After the 5 cluster bracket of fruit fell off last week, I picked 2 more ripened tomatoes today leaving 12 on the plant.  These are not real big size-wise, but they are tasty.   One of the 2 satsumas left on Bozo got knocked off in the heavy storms over the weekend.   That leave just one left.   I’m losing patience with Bozo.  My potted lemon tree is totally root bound & cracking the planter.  I’m thinking about replacing Bozo with the lemon tree once the weather gets cooler.  My other issues are rats/mice, squirrels & possums.  Oh what’s a retiree to do?  Stay tuned!

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