Sunday, July 30, 2017

East Coast Troughs...

Was outside tonight with Bailey (our dog) & enjoyed the dry feel to the air as brisk north winds are cranking.  What is going on?  Acorns are dropping from my trees, buds are coming out on my azaleas, and cold fronts are pushing down into the Gulf.   If we were in September, I’d be getting excited for the coming of Fall.  But cold fronts in late July/early August are usually fertile fuel for tropical development.  Nicondra showed the  Visible satellite loop indicating a well-defined swirl off of Florida’s west coast moving away from us.   Models do not develop this system and NHC carries it eastward across Florida out to the NE up the Gulf stream.  But this is only the first of perhaps several more fronts during the next 7-10 days as an unusually deep east coast trough sets up.  It was back in mid-August of 1983  when Hurricane Alicia formed along an old cold front that pushed down into the central Gulf.    Not to say Emily is gonna form in the next 10-15 days, but history tells us this is what has happened in the past when a front pushes deep into the Gulf during the middle of summer.  None of the models show any development in the Gulf for the next 10-14 days, but by then we will be in the most active part of hurricane season.    Stay tuned!


In the short term, the next 2 days will have near zero rain chances which certainly is not our typical summer pattern.  By mid-week, the muggies return as winds switch back off the Gulf.   Add in daytime heating and our usual daily storms should be back.  By then our yards & gardens will require a drink, plus more clouds & showers should mean less hot.


I had the pleasure/honor to co-MC the awards ceremony Saturday night at the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo with the Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson.    What a class act, a true professional unnerved by the antics of a retired weathercaster.  We are so fortunate to have Jim at FOX 8 and he is one of the folks I miss since I retired.  Zurik?   Ah c’mon !

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metatheos said...

Hi Mr. Breck! Just wanted to thank you for saving a lot of lives during Hurricane Katrina. I don't remember your exact words, but I do remember the look on your face when you said, "Even if you've never evacuated before, do it this time." That was the night before the storm hit... We left because you told us to. So... Just wanted to say thanks for saving my family, and thanks for looking out for New Orleans!
-Ian MacKenna