Sunday, July 23, 2017

Here Today, There Tomorow...

The challenge of forecasting rain in the summer is clearly LOCATION.  If you happen to be under one of the storms (as I was yesterday), your location could get 2-3+” in an hour while locations 2-3 miles either side of the storm get little or nothing.   I was on the Natchez touring with some out of town family members when the storm formed over the Quarter just as the boat completed its trip.  What usually is a quick 15-20 minute downpour turned into a 90+ minute gully washer.  Of course I left my umbrella in the car so we waited out the storm, not that it would have mattered since the winds were so strong blowing many umbrellas inside out.  Finally my patience gave out and I made a run (jog) for the car.   Mistake…the storm wasn’t over and the faster I ran, the wetter I got.  The last time I was that soaked I was in a boat fishing the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.  Ya think the weatherman should know better?  


Speaking of the Rodeo, I’ll be down on Grand Isle later this week and I hope some of you can join me.  The Voice of the Saints, Jim Henderson will be there helping me MC the awards ceremony on Saturday night.  The weather looks to be good with only the usual spotty storms.  You can come down and fish just for a day (boat not needed as you can fish off the beach) or stay Thursday thru Saturday trying to make it to the leaderboard.  The weigh station is at the Sand Dollar Marina on the east end of the island right next door to the air conditioned Pavilion.  A special event this year is the TARPON GRAS Parade on Saturday put on by this year’s Rodeo President Barry Kern.   It’s a fun 3 days for the whole family and I hope to see you there.


Some computer models are hinting on a tropical system forming way out in the Atlantic in the 7-10 day time frame.  At the moment all is quiet while the EPAC is still very active.   Stay tuned!

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