Thursday, October 19, 2017

Active Pattern Coming...

One thing that is different in the Fall is the pace of weather changes.   Some call it “a roller coaster” ride as we see some wide temperature swings over a couple of days.  This next week will highlight just that as we’ll ride into the 80s and feel Summer-like for Friday & Saturday, turning stormy on Sunday, a little cooler Monday & Tuesday before down right chilly for Wednesday-Friday.  You can wear shorts, ponchos, sweaters & jackets depending on the day of the week.  It certainly beats the dull, day after day…”hot & humid with spotty PM Storms” forecast we have late May through September.  The rest of this month could give us a preview of how our Winter will be?   NOAA’s outlook is calling for a milder & drier pattern since we’re heading towards a La Nina in the Pacific.  The main storm track should be farther to our north with fewer Gulf storms.  That doesn’t mean we won’t see any freezes or snow, but those chances will be brief events with the Great lakes & Northeast the targets for major cold & snows.   I haven’t gotten my Farmer’s Almanac to verify that outlook!


The Tropics are dead for now.   Any storms that form during the next several years will stay well to our south & east.  Oh by the way…Cubs lose.  Holy Cow! 

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