Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Back to Summer-like Again...

The past several mornings have been comfy cool with lows in the 30s north with 40s south.  However, that good feel air is about to leave with a return of the muggies along with highs 80+.   That will mean it’ll be back to t-shirts and shorts for the next 7-10 days.  The east coast upper trough that brought us the cold is lifting out with a pattern change bring the trough to the west coast and a ridge over the east.  That should mean the rainy season will begins in California with record breaking warmth over the south & east.   Several weak upper disturbances could bring us a few showers tomorrow & Thursday, but the lack of any fronts coming should limit our rain chances.  The real cold will be bottled up along the Canadian border so the first 1-2 weeks of November will revert back to warm temperatures for us.     With a rapid warm up following a cold spell, it’s time to go fishing again. 


The Tropics have gone dead, but there still is time for one more late season storm over the Caribbean or east of Florida.

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