Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beware...Strong Storms Coming ?

An unusual dip in the jet stream will create a deep east coast trough that will push a cold front off our coastline during the day on Saturday. For the next 3 days we will see much higher rain chances than we have seen for weeks. Initially, the storms will be slow movers Thursday & Friday resulting in locally heavy rainfall that could produce some street flooding. As the upper trough deepens over us on Saturday, the storms will move faster, but they could also be stronger with some damaging winds. We'll need to monitor this situation closely.

Fortunately the tropics remain quiet. My summer intern, Wesley looked over the past 59 years back to 1950 and found that there have been 22 years where the 1st named storm hadn't formed yet. So this is not that unusual that we haven't had a named storm yet. The latest named storm in all those years? 1977 on August 29th when Anita formed. She turned into a Cat. 5 hurricane but headed away from us into Mexico. With a front moving into the Gulf this weekend, we'll need to watch for any development as it sinks farther down into warmer waters. The upper flow will prevent any problems for us since we'll see strong northerly winds protecting Louisiana.


Bourbon St. Blues said...

Excellent work there Wesley. Enjoyed reading about hurricane history! Lets hope we wait later and later for that first named storm...I just know we are coming into the active months..Aug and Sept.

I was wondering if we ever seen such a weather pattern exist over the summer before...the Northeast and Great Lakes area still waiting for Summer and us getting cool fronts in July is unheard of...I remember a few years ago we got a cold front in August...I remember thinking it was like an October front...I also remember that year being a warm Fall. Like we didn't see cold weather till end of November...I think that was 2006.

Well lets hope we get some much needed rain out of this system and that its not to severe

mike said...
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Webmaster said...

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Bourbon St. Blues said...

Geez what did I miss???

I sure expected more rain yesterday, it was more bark than bite with the thunder I heard. I watched radar and it seemed a heavy patch of rain was headed our way. As it approached us from the south it just seem to shift to the east and all we got was light rain...but hey rain none the less.

It sure was a break from the heat though and I'll take that anyday of the week.

Caveman said...

I returned to see family but our old ice glacier was melted and gone, hardly recognized the cave I grew up in.