Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Soggy South...

While the media is harping about how much of the country is in drought(61%), they neglect to tell the story where the drought of the past several years (Atlanta-Lake Lanier, most of Texas) has been broken.   Could it be because the weather always moves in cycles?  Last summer the corn belt states had plenty of rain while Texas was parched.  This year Texas got the rain while the plains have been baking.  Interesting to see these pattern shifts as the ocean currents evolve year to year.

Wow, what a light show tonight!   A stalled upper trough over the SE has several disturbances rotating around it enhancing our daily shower pattern with little change expected into the weekend.  FOX 8 has 7+ inches of rain this month with nearly 2 weeks left!  No drought here!

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