Monday, May 4, 2015

And the Hype Continues...

It started last Friday and today marks day 4 of folks hyping computer models hinting low pressure might form later this week off Florida’s east coast.  In discussing tropical systems, I always like to tell you what I know and then what I don’t know.  So let’s begin


1)       There is nothing there yet.

2)       Strong SW winds cover most of Florida’s east coast.

3)       An upper trough is over the eastern Gulf – hostile tropical environment

4)      Anything that MIGHT develop will take many days

5)       History/climatology tells us May storms are rare


What we don’t know;


1)      Computer models don’t agree on a solution

2)      When people will turn off from the overhype



So, we will likely stay mostly dry for the rest of this week with only a stray shower or two.   Our next real rain chance arrives over next weekend, especially late Sunday into Monday.  Stay tuned!

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