Monday, January 11, 2021

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It,,,

I can feel the disappointment all you snow geeks have since parts of our state really had 2-4"+ snowfalls over night into this morning.  In fact, I have pictures that show how pretty it looks not that far away.

The top one was taken by Anita Whitner before dawn in Ruston, LA while the bottom 2 are from Mandy (I love Delta) Giffen-Fritzer in Monroe, LA.  From the way the snow coated trees, you could tell it was that heavy, wet snow.  So close, yet so far.

Most of the precipitation across the Southeast is rain with the lingering snow confined to Tennessee.  Temperatures are mainly above freezing and with no real cold coming out of Canada, I expect what snow did cover the ground today will be gone by Wednesday.

There is a lot of cold air over the nation, but it's not brutal, Arctic cold.  Montana has temps 50+ while most of southern Canada is near or above freezing.  The below zero line has retreated into northern Canada, but there are signs that the super cold (40-50 below) across Siberia could start to head across the pole and into Canada and the U.S. in the 10-14 day time frame. In fact, look at the FOX 8 extended forecast.

Since we have been in the 30s & 40s, if we soar into the mid 60s on Thursday, it'll feel like 75-80 with no jackets required!   A weak system could bring some showers on Friday, but the weekend looks dry & mild.

So the next question is,...when will the sun return?  The bottom satellite view is the Water Vapor channel that clearly has another upper low coming out of the SW.  That could delay our clearing until late Tuesday or early on Wednesday.  So the next 2 days will see a slow moderation before the nice Thursday warm up.

Finally, one of the things I do now that I'm in the Winter of my life is to read the daily obits to see if any of my friends have died.   I was sadden to see the passing of Grady Lloyd, who was the longtime weigh master of the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo.  For over 25 years Grady was part of my Thursday weather program the week of the Rodeo.   I am so blessed to have Grady come into my life.  He was a true gentle man.  RIP my friend.  Stay tuned!

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