Tuesday, January 12, 2021

The Sun Makes A Difference...

Even though the angle of the sun remains low in the sky, it does make a difference when it comes out.  It's taken until after 2 PM for our low cloud deck to break, but you can see how it's warmer to our NW where the sun has been out for many hours.  Look closely and you'll see the remaining snow cover over north Louisiana

Normally I'd be worried about freezing temps with clear skies and light winds.  However, look back to our west and you'll see more clouds coming ahead of a weak upper disturbance.  Those clouds acting like a blanket should keep most locations above freezing except for the North Shore.

Note how Dallas in the sunshine has jumped into the 50s while areas underneath the clouds like San Antonio & Houston remain in the 40s.   I think we'll struggle to break 50 tomorrow unless we get into more sunshine.  As the center of the surface high moves to our east, we'll see a brief rebound back into the 60s on Thursday.

Some much needed rains are coming to the West Coast and our cool January upper pattern should keep us slightly below normal/average well into next week.  It's cold in many locations, but the real brutal Arctic air has retreated to northern Canada.

Check out the 50s into the central plains all the way into Montana.   Even most of southern Canada is above freezing.  If we can keep the clouds away, our daily highs should be 55-60+.  That's still below our long term averages/normals, but, if you're dressed for it, those temps feel really refreshing.  The 7 day forecast actually doesn't look too bad.

 But let's get serious for a second.   On focus is NOT on the weather, but on the big match up Sunday night.
This brought me a chuckle when I saw it on the FOX 8 website.  Geez do they look OLD!   And to think 2 of my sons are older than Tom & Drew.  I feel like an antique!  Stay tuned!

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Harry said...

I disagree... Our averages for January are 55°.... we are looking at an average of 63°... we are highly above average