Monday, February 22, 2021

Higher Sun Angle Making a Difference...

Wow what a change from last week across the country.  Where most of the nation was in the snow and cold, today most are in the sunshine with Spring-like temperatures.

Only the Northeast, the northern tier of states out to the West Coast are experiencing a dreary day. Note how the 60s soar into Kansas with 50s up into Montana!  Even southern Canada has jumped above freezing with the real super cold retreating back into northern Canada & Alaska.

That warmth coupled with sunshine has been a real "snow eater".  Arkansas & Missouri still have some snow cover along with the Ohio Valley northward, but that is melting quickly.

A weak cold front passed us this morning, but it is of Pacific origin.  We will not see any freezing temperatures for the next 7-10 days at least and this weekend might even see our first 80 degree day.

Finally, I always look to pick out features on satellite pictures.  After this morning's clouds left us, several large fires broke out behind the front (arrows) in Mississippi & Alabama.   Our grounds are still fairly wet here so I don't think we'll see those fires in Louisiana.  

We'll be slightly cooler tomorrow but with sunny skies, expect another lovely day.  Enjoy!  Stay tuned!

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